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A recruitment session for the UTRF Commercialization Analyst Internship  was held recently at the UT College of Law.  Dr. Maha Krishnamurthy,  UTRF Assistant Vice President of Licensing, presented helpful information to a group of law school and graduate students. The internship offers individuals the opportunity to learn about technology transfer at the University of Tennessee and gain valuable work experience.


Dr. Krishnamurthy discussed

  • UTRF’s 4 prong mission:
    • research growth
    • intellectual property commercialization created within the University of Tennessee system
    • entrepreneurial culture, and
    • economic development
  • The value of intellectual property from the university
    • Revenue generating license agreements
    • New company formations based on inventions created at UT
  • The patenting process
  • Requirements of the internship including necessary skill sets
  • Summary of intern responsibilities
  • Training provided to interns by the UTRF licensing staff
  • Why this internship?
    • Fun and fast-paced job

    • On the job training in highly marketable skills

    • Intellectual Property

    • Licensing Basics

    • Uses and enhances communication skills

    • Excellent networking opportunities