The agreements below are illustrative examples of some of the agreements that UTRF commonly uses during the technology commercialization process. These are only examples, not “one-size-fits-all”, “express”, or “ready-to-sign” agreements. If these examples don’t match typical partnering approaches in your industry, please don’t be concerned – again, these are only an illustrative subset of UTRF’s agreements and UTRF always works with our partners to craft a deal that fits your unique commercialization strategy.

3-Way Confidentiality Agreement: A three-way confidentiality agreement is a standard non-disclosure agreement for discussions involving a UTRF technology. Download Form

Evaluative MTA An evaluative MTA is a material transfer agreement used to send tangible material to a potential partner for evaluation, but that does not grant other commercial rights. Download Form

MTA for Commercial Use or Sale: An MTA for Commercial Use or Sale is a material transfer agreement that provides our partner with the right to use a tangible material in a commercial process, to incorporate the material into a product, or to market and sell the material. The MTA for Commercial Use or Sale is frequently used in conjunction with a license agreement. Download Form

Option: An option agreement is for partners who are looking for a limited period of exclusivity to evaluate a technology or conduct diligence. Download Form

License Agreement : A license agreement grants UTRF’s partner the rights to develop, market, use, and sell commercial products under one or more UTRF intellectual property rights. Licenses may be exclusive or non-exclusive, covering all fields of use or only a specific application, and worldwide or geographically limited. Download Form