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UTRF Research Tools, Materials, and Software


Veterinary Social Work Certificate

The Veterinary Social Work Certificate is meant to increase the number of social workers who have knowledge about human-animal interaction, increase skills in animal-assisted interaction, direct practice within grief & loss, and identify the link between interpersonal violence and animal abuse.


VR Modules

VR Modules for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Technologies

A series of Virtual Reality (VR) modules for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) training introduces the next generation work force to the most relevant composite manufacturing technologies through unique immersive modular learning and comprehension. The VR modules cover state of the art composites processes used by industry.


Face Shield Image

Face Shield

This novel face shield design features an ergonomic, comfortable head temple that doesn’t require an elastic band, which decreases the chance of contamination while reducing pressure on the user’s head.




Toxoplasma gondii Whole-cell Antigen for Modified Agglutination Test – TgMAT

Toxoplasma gondii whole-cell antigen for modified agglutination test (MAT): Toxoplasma gondii is an obligate intracellular parasite that infects mammals and birds. A modified agglutination test (MAT) can be used to detect anti-Toxoplasma IgG antibodies in serum, plasma and other bodily fluid samples of animals. For MAT test, formalin-treated Toxoplasma tachyzoite is used as the antigen.


Automated Bioinformatics Analysis System on a Chip (ABASoC)

Automated Bioinformatics Analysis System on a Chip (ABASoC) 

The automated bioinformatics analysis package using the system on a chip was created to offer researchers cheap, portable, streamlined analysis for RNA-Seq and Microarray Gene Expression. The package accepts SAM files as input, performs counts per million (CPM) normalization across the experiment, calculates standard deviation, standard error of means or variance within each sample group, calculates Student’s t-test between groups, provides false discovery rates using the Benjamini-Hochberg procedure, and heat maps, as well as Venn diagrams. These outputs are all performed on a Raspberry Pi System that is very portable and cost-effective.



Surrogate Nuclear Material and Production Program – SNAPP

A method developed for crafting synthetic nuclear melt glass for forensic analysis. A synthetic glass that can be used to simulate a variety of scenarios and will help develop and validate forensic analysis methods.

Read SNAPP article in Tennessee Today.



Process and Equipment Monitoring (PEM) Toolbox & the Process and Equipment Prognostics (PEP) Toolbox

The Process and Equipment Monitoring (PEM) Toolbox is a MATLAB based set of tools that provides a generalized set of functions for use in process and equipment monitoring applications, specifically on-line monitoring systems (OLM).

The Process and Equipment Prognostics (PEP) Toolbox is a set of MATLAB‐based tools that facilitate fast prototyping of empirical‐based prognostic models developed at the University of Tennessee Nuclear Engineering Department.



CRISPR Associated Software for Pathway Engineering and Research
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This MATLAB-based software enhances CRISPR genetic engineering, allowing any genome to be edited by predictable identification of both on- and off-target sites and analysis of repeated targets.  Novel applications include multi-site gRNA integration and gRNA design for genome editing across a consortium of organisms.



Simulated Electronic Fetal Monitoring

Design, view and share fetal heart rate and contraction charts and learn the basics of  Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) in a fun and intuitive way with the simulated app.



SFM-V is a communication app designed for patients who are unable to speak due to mechanical ventilation, tracheostomy, head and neck trauma, obstruction, or communication disabilities.