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Patrick Torre, Registered Patent Attorney, King and Schickli, PLLC,  presented an overview of intellectual property and the basics of patent protection.  The UTRF Technology Commercialization process was also discussed.

Topics included:

  • Intellectual Property defined
    • The product of one’s intellect, properly protected, has value just like any other property – can be owned, sold, licensed, leased, etc.

  • Conditions for Patentability
    • novelty
    • non-obviousness
    • utility
  • Types of Patent Applications
    • provisional patent application
    • utility patent application
    • design patent application
    • plant patent application
    • PCT patent application
  • How to know/prove who is the inventor
    • conception
    • reduction to practice
    • lab notebooks
  • UTRF Technology Commercialization process
    • analyze technology (stage of development)
    • analyze patentability
    • analyze market size and interest
  • Inventor participation is critical for successful licensing or business startup.
    • industry contacts
    • ensure patent application fully describes invention
    • highlight key advantages to promote effective marketing
  • Contact UTRF at any time
    • before presenting publicly
    • before publication in any media