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Multi-Disciplinary Office

UT Conference Center, Suite 211
600 S. Henley Street
Knoxville, TN 37996-4122
Phone: 865-974-1882
E-mail: utrf@tennessee.edu

Working with UTRF

What MDO inventors can expect from UTRF, including an outline of the technology transfer process as we are currently practicing it.


We needed partners to develop and market an invention. UTRF linked us with companies interested in our technology.
-William Hofmeister, Professor, UT Space Institute

Business Incubator

The UTRF Business Incubator, 2450 E.J. Chapman Drive, provides entrepreneurs with an environment that encourages learning, growth and self-sustainability. Located on the Knoxville campus, participants learn from both experts and each other as they navigate the complex path of starting and building a technology-based business. More >


Commonly used forms including the invention disclosure and confidentiality agreement.

Maturation Fund

Receive up to $15,000 from UTRF to develop your invention.


Read or download copies of the current UT and MDO policies that impact intellectual property, conflict of interest, and other aspects of technology transfer.

Local Resources

There are a number of local groups with whom UTRF works who are dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and technology commercialization.

Patenting and Public Disclosure

Learn about the United States patent system and the effect of public disclosure on patenting.

Video Resources

Videos of UTRF sponsored speakers available to watch online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about UTRF, patents, licensing and more.

Material Transfer Agreements

UTRF works with the Office of Research Administration to process Material Transfer Agreements.

UTRF Inventor Handbook

Universities across the country have adopted economic development through effective technology transfer as the fourth leg of their mission. To help University of Tennessee researchers understand UT's technology transfer process, UTRF has published an Inventor Handbook for faculty and staff explaining UT’s intellectual property policies, how the new patent laws affect universities, and the inventor’s role in the commercialization of University innovations. This handbook outlines how the technology transfer process works, covering everything from a technology's conception through its commercialization and what you need to know in between.

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