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UTRF Tech Talk with Jan Bouten

What Investors Look For in a Startup Company

Jan Bouten, Partner at INNOVA

Jan Bouten

Jan Bouten

INNOVA Bio: Jan joined Innova in 2010 after working with the Innova team in an advisory capacity. He is currently active on the Board of Quire, iScreen Vision, Restore Medical, Silicone Art Labs, and Compression Kinetics. He was a past board member or observer at Digitalsmiths (acquired by TiVo), Mobile-Mind (acquired by WorldCell), Resolute Games (acquired by Lokion), Nextreme Thermal (acquired by Laird Technologies) and Covelight (acquired by Radware).

His professional experience includes founder and executive of two startups, 10+ years of high tech industry experience in engineering, marketing and sales, and more than 15 years as a seed and early-stage VC. This solid, diversified experience base allows him to provide advice and mentoring to companies and entrepreneurs.

Prior to Innova, Jan spent 7 years at Aurora Funds, a $235MM seed- and early-stage venture capital firm based in Research Triangle Park, NC. Here, he was involved in negotiating, structuring and monitoring 11 investments, and was involved in 3 IPOs and 3 acquisitions in the healthcare and technology fields.

Bouten serves on the board of the FedEx Institute of Technology, as well as the Greater Memphis Growth Alliance. He is a recognized expert in the field as a Wall Street Journal Startup Guru, as well as Master Mentor for LaunchTennessee.

Jan received his MBA from Duke University, and also holds an MS degree in Human-Computer Systems (AI & UX) from the United Kingdom and a BS in Computer Science from The Netherlands.


Founded in 2007 by the Memphis Bioworks Foundation, Innova is a pre-seed, seed and early-stage investor focused on starting and funding high-growth companies in the Biosciences, Technology and AgTech fields. Innova links the capital with great ideas to create groundbreaking products and services. <<READ MORE>>