The University of Tennessee Research Foundation team has grown once again! UTRF is proud to welcome Shelby Miller as the Business Incubator Coordinator at the UTRF Business Incubator. Only a month into her role, Miller is excited about new challenges and learning opportunities.

Miller is a Knoxville native and May 2021 graduate of East Tennessee State University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Since 2018, Miller has worked as a document digitizer for UTRF during breaks from school, so she feels familiar with the organization and some of the responsibilities she has assumed in her new position. She also believes her undergraduate degree and previous work experience have prepared her well for working with the UTRF Business Incubator.

“I’m excited to gain a new perspective on UTRF,” said Miller. “Seeing more of what UTRF is doing in the world has been really enlightening and motivational. It’s also great to get to know the tenants and their work.”

The UTRF Business Incubator is a resource for early-stage technology startups based on innovators with a connection to UT. Its mission is to assist entrepreneurs by offering office space and resources to help them scale their business. Currently, a variety of groups occupy the space, including startups with work ranging from improving data analytics processes and wifi connections to clean farming efforts.

At the incubator, Miller acts as the tenant liaison, ensuring everyone has a smooth, efficient working environment. She serves as the main point of contact for any issues that may arise or any questions they may have about UT or UTRF. In the future, she is excited to explore more training opportunities to ensure startup success and assist with renovations of the space to facilitate further collaboration and innovative ideas. One of the aspects she loves most about UTRF is the people.

“So many passionate people work at UTRF. They are some of the best people I have ever met,” said Miller. “I feel like everyone is already family because I have known them for so many years and gotten the chance to spend time with them and grow. They are wonderful people doing wonderful work. It’s really inspiring.”

Outside of work, Miller loves spending time hiking outdoors and having game or movie nights with friends and family. She loves to write and draw and recently bought a guitar that she is learning how to play. Mostly, she is excited to be back in Knoxville after spending time in Johnson City for college.

“We’re so glad for Shelby to continue working for UTRF as the new Business Incubator Coordinator,” said UTRF President Stacey Patterson. “She’s an important member of our team, and we think she’ll do an amazing job at the UTRF Business Incubator.”