UTRF Interns 2013 Q&A

Interns: Annie Morgan and Ryan Kemp


Name of your hometown:

Annie: I am originally from Teaneck, NJ but most recently (before starting law school) lived in Atlanta, Georgia.
Ryan: St. Clairsville, Ohio

How did you choose UT?

Annie: I selected UT because the College of Law offers a high quality legal program at a good value for the tuition dollars.
Ryan: I want to live in the Tennessee region (TN, GA, NC) after I graduate, and I wanted to attend a large school with a storied football program.

How did you become interested in tech transfer?

Annie: I like tech transfer because it presents the opportunity for me to build upon my legal knowledge of intellectual property, while also utilizing skills from my marketing and business background.
Ryan: I have always been interested in science and technology, which underpins my desire to practice intellectual property and patent law. I first became interested in tech transfer after doing a legal externship out at ORNL last semester. I spent a majority of the externship with the IP attorneys and patent agents, I really enjoyed that experience.

So far, what do you feel is the best part of interning with UTRF?

Annie: I’ve really enjoyed learning about new and innovative technologies. The faculty members at UT are developing novel and useful technology, and it’s exciting to be the first to learn about it.
Ryan: Networking and practical experience.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

Annie: I would like to do corporate transactions work, specifically drafting and negotiating intellectual property licensing agreements.
Ryan: Ultimately my goal is to work as corporate counsel for a company in a science or technology sector. Starting out I hope to find a firm and practice patent and IP law. I would also love to get involved with tech start-ups down the road.

What’s your favorite hobby?

Annie: My favorite hobby is watching boxing. In fact, I am also a professional boxing judge.
Ryan: Working out and homebrewing.