UTRF Welcomes Devam Zalawadia, Health Science Center Office 2019 Intern

The UTRF internship program is a hands-on opportunity to explore new innovations being developed at UT and to understand the transition from research to a commercial product. Interns work closely with UTRF’s licensing staff to provide support for innovation assessments across the UT system while obtaining valuable experience in preparation for careers that merge science with business development, entrepreneurship, and law.

UTRF is pleased to welcome Devam Zalawadia as the Health Science Center Office Intern for 2019. As part of a “get to know you” discussion, we asked Devam to answer a few questions:

Where are you from originally?

Devam: I am a native of Memphis, born and raised. I completed my undergraduate prerequisites at Christian Brothers University before applying to UTHSC College of Pharmacy.

Why did you choose UT?

Devam: I chose to stay in my home town to finish all of my education. The convenience of being a state resident and being close to family significantly influenced my decision to be a student at UTHSC.

What are you currently studying?

Devam: I am currently a P2 in the UTHSC College of Pharmacy program, hoping to use the Doctor of Pharmacy degree to pursue a career intertwined with business and IPs.

How did you become interested in tech transfer and the UTRF Internship?

Devam: Although I had no knowledge of the tech transfer process, my interest in UTRF piqued after further investigation into the topic. I hope to use my time at UTRF to gain experience and foresight into my chosen career path. I plan to use this experience to learn more about IPs, including the legal aspect, and also become more informed in the marketing and licensing aspects of tech transfer. Concurrently with this internship, I have interest in pursuing a research project, possibly related to cannabinoid therapy. I believe these experiences will strengthen the foundation I want to lay for my career after graduation. I am excited for this opportunity to be a part of UTRF!

What interests you outside of your studies and research?

Devam: Outside of school, I enjoy learning and educating myself on various topics such as history, science, cryptocurrency, sports, and current issues. I also appreciate any spare time given to playing sports, video games, ping pong, and billiards.