UTRF 2016 Intern:  Helene Tournu, Ph.D.

Where are you from originally?

Helene:  I am originally from France.


Why did you choose UT?

Helene:  I had the opportunity to do a postdoc at UT, which I started in July 2015. I have a PhD in microbiology.


Why did you choose to intern with UTRF?

Helene:  Out of curiosity and interest! I saw this internship as a valuable experience to get insights into what tech transfer actually ‘means’, including marketing and commercialization of the inventions.


How did you become interested in tech transfer?

Helene:  I got involved into technology transfer via my previous employment. Some of the work I was involved in led to patent applications. I got to be on the side of the researcher in terms of filing a patent.


What are you currently studying?

Helene:  I am conducting research in the field of microbiology, fungal biology in particular.