Otto Wheeley Awards For Excellence In Technology Transfer

The B. Otto and Kathleen Wheeley Award is given to a University of Tennessee faculty member(s) who excel in the commercialization of university-based research results. The B. Otto and Kathleen Wheeley Foundation provides the award stipend, through an endowment fund which was established in 1989. The award is specifically intended to recognize faculty who take a direct and active role in the commercialization process. Criteria for the award include:

1. The technological and/or scientific significance of the invention or creative work being commercialized;
2. The market success of the product or process;
3. The degree of active involvement of the faculty member in the commercialization process; and
4. The faculty member’s overall contribution to the University’s missions of teaching, research and service.

Otto Wheeley, a University of Tennessee graduate, was deputy chair of the Koppers Company and President of Kopvenco, a venture capital subsidiary of Koppers in the early 1980s. Eager to promote technological entrepreneurs in Tennessee, he returned to the state and founded Venture First Associations, Inc., after which he formed a close alliance with his alma mater to promote the commercialization of university-developed research.

There will be two awards given in 2013 of $5,000 each.

The deadline for submission is: April 30, 2013

Nominations should be sent to:
Dick R. Gourley, PharmD
UT Research Foundation
600 Henley Street, Suite 211
UT Conference Center
Knoxville, TN 37996-4122
Phone: 865-974-1882

Nominations must include the nominee’s curriculum vitae and a 2 page description of their technology transfer achievements. Three letters of reference should be included in the nomination. The technology transfer description must include: the company (or companies) that have licensed the technology; information on the market to which the product is directed and its success in the market place; the innovative/unique qualities of the product or process and its benefits to society; and, the nominee’s active and direct involvement in commercialization process.

The award will be made in September 2013.