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Over fifty researchers at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center were celebrated on Tuesday December 9th at the 2014 Innovation Awards ceremony. These individuals were celebrated for their contributions in both the development and commercialization of technologies and discoveries with the capacity to change and improve lives.

The University of Tennessee Research Foundation (UTRF) hosted the ceremony and speakers included UTHSC’s Executive Vice Chancellor Kennard Brown and UTRF’s Vice President, Richard Magid. The ceremony serves to recognize and honor noted researchers and the innovations they have made at the university. Individuals who were granted a US Patent in 2014 were presented with plaques in tribute of the accomplishment.

The recipients of UTRF Maturation Grants were also recognized at the ceremony. Patents are awarded for unique technologies and serve to protect inventions that can benefit society. On average, less than 20 percent of technologies created at UT are eventually granted patents from the USPTO. As a result, the faculty responsible for the discoveries that make it through this process are among the most innovative and dedicated researchers in the university system. Once a technology or idea is patented, it can then be licensed to outside companies for further development and commercialization. License agreements stemming from patented technologies generate revenue for the university and can be the basis for starting new companies, contributing to local and regional economic development.

2014 Patent plaque recipients:

  • Edward Chaum
  • James Dale
  • Charles Duke (2 patents)
  • Timothy Fabian
  • Lisa Jennings
  • Richard Lee
  • Wei Li (3 patents)
  • Jiuyu Liu
  • Tao Lowe
  • Bernd Meibohm
  • Duane Miller (7 patents)
  • Bob Moore
  • Rakesh
  • Gabor Tigyi
  • C. Ryan Yates

2014 Research Award recipients:

  • Monica Jablonski
  • Wei Li
  • Larry Reiter
  • C. Ryan Yates