We all know how universities all across the country are trying find ways to introduce entrepreneurship and innovation into the classroom.

But let’s face it, few are as forward-thinking as the Babson Colleges or Brigham Youngs, which are leaders in the nation when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Most schools are only scratching the surface when it comes to producing entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs (the entrepreneur within the company or organization).

That’s why I am very excited to note two Memphis professors who are demonstrating some real skill in turning students into entrepreneurs with the skills to succeed.

They don’t teach entrepreneurship from a book, but apply its lessons through apprenticeship.

This means getting students to think about solving problems in their area of study, researching and hypothesizing, building and testing real business concepts, validating, pitching and presenting, and much more. Students are put in real-life positions where they must be innovative, and use technology to help build on those innovations.

Dr. Richard Magid, director of technology transfer and adjunct assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, is one of those local leaders.

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