Automated Bioinformatics Analysis System on a Chip




Product Description:

The automated bioinformatics analysis system on a chip (ABASoC) was created to offer researchers cheap, portable, streamlined analysis for RNA-Seq, and Microarray Gene Expression. The package accepts SAM files as input, counts per million (CPM) normalization across the experiment, calculates standard deviation, standard error of means or variance within each sample group, calculates Student’s t-test between groups, provides false discovery rates using the Benjamini-Hochberg procedure, and heat maps, as well as Venn diagrams. These outputs are all performed on a Raspberry Pi system that is very portable and cost-effective.


• Highly flexible chip-based software

• Pre-built pipeline

• Easily configurable

• Cheap portable analysis

• Minimal administration

• Can be used with any computer with a USB port


1 – Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
1 – 16 GB microSD card with software package preloaded
1 – Enclosure
1 – 5.25VDC 2.4A USB Power Supply
1 – Downloadable User’s Manual (pdf)

Additional information


$350 per kit