Ideas to Market: UT Will Host Tech Company How-to

Innovators from the Knoxville area can put their brainstorms to the test this fall during a two-week program at the University of Tennessee. Applications are open now until Sept. 29 for the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps Fall Regional. This is the first time the event, to be held Oct. 3 to 19, has been at UT, according to Maha Krishnamurthy from the UT Research Foundation.… Read More

UTRF Tech Talk: IP and Compliance at the University of Tennessee

  Recently at the UTIA campus, Dr. Maha Krishnamurthy, UTRF Assistant Vice President of Licensing, led a discussion and question/answer session about IP and compliance at the University of Tennessee. She covered topics including understanding tangible and intangible intellectual property (IP) and utilizing different types of agreements that involve IP. Participants were given the opportunity to apply this information… Read More