Inventor Spotlight: Anirban Roy and Doug Aaron

UTK Tickle College of Engineering researchers secure grant for technology that makes hydrogen production more efficient, cost effective A significant challenge with the commercialization of university technology is that many brilliant student researchers are not familiar with the variety of entrepreneurial opportunities available to them. The University of Tennessee Research Foundation seeks to solve this… Read More

Inventor Spotlight: Dr. Harry Kochat

Plough Center Director dedicated to safely transitioning innovative drug discoveries out of the lab and to patients who need them In 2012, over 700 patients across 20 states received tainted steroid injections, resulting in 64 deaths. Tennessee had 153 of these cases and 16 deaths. This multi-state outbreak of fungal meningitis and other infections emphasized… Read More

UTRF Inventor Spotlight: Dr. Nawajes Mandal

  UTHSC researcher studies sphingolipid signaling in ocular and neurodegenerative disease and diabetes   Dr. Nawajes Mandal has spent his career at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) trying to better understand lipid and sphingolipid signaling in ocular and neurodegenerative disease and diabetes. One of his current projects may help slow the progression of retinal degeneration,… Read More