UTRF Business Incubator

UT Conference Center

2450 E.J. Chapman Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996-0001
Phone: 865-974-4607
E-mail: utrf@tennessee.edu


The UTRF Business Incubator, 2450 E.J. Chapman Drive, provides entrepreneurs with an environment that encourages learning, growth and self-sustainability. Located on the Knoxville campus, participants learn from both experts and each other as they navigate the complex path of starting and building a technology-based business.

The Business Incubator Building on the University of Tennessee Agriculture Campus is an ideal location for start-up businesses. Conveniently located near the heart of downtown, the building provides easy access to major facilities that any new business needs for networking. With adequate parking, a kitchen, spacious office suites and conference rooms – the Incubator Building is the place to be for emerging companies.
-Jennifer Burke, Marketing and Communications Director, Genera Energy

Eligibility Requirements:

Companies seeking entrance to the UTRF Business Incubator must meet the following criteria:

*These criteria are mandatory and do not guarantee admittance. A review board must evaluate and approve all applications.


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