Startup Day is an annual event designed to celebrate startup and entrepreneurial culture in East Tennessee. Startup Day brings together businesses and entrepreneurs looking for the next big idea, investors and Angels looking for new startup opportunities, businesses offering services to startups and small businesses, regional accelerators, research institutions and East Tennesseans interested in learning what all the excitement is about.

About Startup Day 2015



Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek, right, stands with Martin Keller, Associate Laboratory Director at ORNL, in front of a Shelby Cobra printed as a collaboration between ORNL and UT personnel.

From manufacturing the first 3D printed car and creating efficient sources of energy for world benefit to hosting six global cable networks with more than 20 production companies that bring content into the homes of more than 100 million homes worldwide – innovation continues to churn and spin out new products and processes that change the way we live.

And, the innovation spark begins here in East Tennessee.

Several organizations who share in the mission of promoting new ideas and businesses, present Startup Day, an annual event celebrating the entrepreneur spirit in the region.

Startup Day 2015 highlights Knoxville as the hub for startups and entrepreneurs. More than 400 attendees participate in the event including: business leaders, entrepreneurs and startups, investors, young professionals and community leaders.

This year’s event features a keynote chat with international entrepreneur Angel Gambino, CEO, the Alchemists Collective; as well as fireside chats with Knoxville’s most outstanding entrepreneurs and investors; power pitches from seven Knoxville-area startups and a networking filled happy hour.


Startup Day Schedule: November 19, 2015

New for 2015, Startup Day will include a pitch competition between seven startups, competing for a $5,000 cash prize. In addition, the first Traction Award will be presented to a Startup Day alum that’s made the most progress over the past three years. We’ll continue fireside chats with some of Knoxville’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors and wrap up with a networking filled happy hour.

If you share a passion for new concepts and seek to understand how ideas are borne within and shared beyond the hills of East Tennessee, join us for Startup Day 2015.

Sponsored by: The University of Tennessee Research Foundation, Oak Ridge National Lab, Launch TennesseePershing Yoakley & Associates, Tech 2020Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, and The Anderson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.


Past Startup Day Events: