The instructor version can be acquired with an in-app purchase in the Student Version. 

Please download the App from an iPad with iOS8.0 or later.

Design, view and share

fetal heart rate and contraction charts and learn the basics of  Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) in a fun and intuitive way with the simulated app.

The SEFM app makes learning

a much richer experience by supplementing instruction with demonstration. It works with iPad Air and above and can be used:

  • individually, in a home environment,
  • in a classroom setting, or
  • in a simulated learning environment with standardized patients

EFM is a real-time monitoring

system used in obstetric settings during the labor and birth process, which displays fetal heart rates and maternal contractions (if present). Based on the chart patterns, healthcare professionals (nurses, doctors, etc.) assess the health of the fetus and identify if and when the baby is in distress and take corrective actions accordingly. over-28K   Over 28,000 fetal monitors are in use today in the U.S. alone, there is substantial demand for professionals trained to read and interpret EFM.

The SEFM app is a fun

and inexpensive way to supplement classroom lectures or simulations using standardized patients.

Student Version:student-version

  • Learn at your pace, by generating and saving simulations on your iPad
  • Participate in group simulations by receiving simulations from other devices

Instructor Version:instructor-version

  • Use advanced parameters to further tune the charts
  • Broadcast simulations to other devices (via Bluetooth) and guide students in interpreting what they see

With the SEFM app fetal conditions and uterine activity can be altered and output in real-time.

Screenshots:IMG_0031 IMG_0032 IMG_0052_1IMG_0050 IMG_0054