Commercialization Analyst Intern position:

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Dr. Maha Krishnamurthy

UTRF Interns

Our 2016 interns were recently featured in a video created by the UT School of Law. Here’s what they had to say about working with UTRF:

“It’s been a really good experience. You get the practical application of the theories you are learning in class. It’s been a really beneficial experience.”

Derrick Davis, UT School of Law

“Working at UTRF has been exactly the experience I needed at this point in my graduate career. I have learned about dozens of new fields of science and gained an appreciation for the intellectual property aspects of what we as engineers do. Wherever I end up in my career, my time at UTRF will have given a new and useful skill set.”

Brian Fane UT Tickle College of Engineering

Q&A Intern Sessions:

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2016 UTRF Multi Campus Office Interns

2016 Interns (l-r): Brian Fane, Joe Smith, Derrick Davis, and Chris Andrews


2015 UTRF Multi Campus Office Interns

2015 Interns (l-r): Kevin Hargis, Shane Kaster, and Tyler Morgan


2015 UTRF Multi Campus Office Interns

2014 Interns (l-r):Shane Kaster, Jake Stein, and Jeremy Ray


2015 UTRF Multi Campus Office Interns

2013 Interns (l-r): Annie Morgan and Ryan Kemp


2015 UTRF Multi Campus Office Interns

2012 Interns (l-r):CeCe Ging And Stephanie Prager