“Turning a new discovery into a commercial product is an exciting (and challenging!) journey, especially for researchers working in the life sciences. Whether you are a new inventor or a technology transfer veteran, listed below you will find information to help you understand how our office works with UT researchers  and what UTRF will do to help bring your idea to market.”
Richard Magid, Vice President, Office of Technology Transfer, UTHSC
Year Awarded Inventor(s) Project Title
2021 Michio Kurosu Proof-of-Pharmaceutical Concept Studies: In Vivo Evaluation of a Novel DPAGT1 Inhibitor, APPB, Using Orthotopic Tumor Models
T.J. Hollingsworth Amelioration of Retinal Degeneration in Mouse Models of Retinal Dystrophy using Pro-Inflammatory Pathway Inhibition
Hongsik Cho Development of Thermosensitive Nanosomes for Osteoarthritis
Anne Zachry True Tummy Time Mat and Wedge System
Nathan Brady & Barry Bruce LEAPh Biosystems Protein Prep Scale-Up
Caleb Rucker & Jake Childs Modular Soft Robot Grippers Using Concentric Precurved Bellows
Fan Zhang A Compact and Non-Intrusive Anomaly Detection Device for Digital Industrial Assets
Ryan Ginder Recycling of Wind Turbine Blades into Nonwoven Composites for Fuel Cells
Floyd Ostrowski & Students in the Heath Integrated Business & Engineering Program External Leg Fixator Leg Rest (ELF)
Soubantika Palchoudhury HemX Nanofertilizers for Enhanced Agricultural Production
2020 Deidra J.H. Mountain Preclinical Validation of Liposome Delivery System Developed for Gene Therapeutics
Xueping Li, Tami Wyatt, Susan Hebert, & Sheila Taylor SaaS Provisioning of the Simulated Electronic Fetal Monitoring (SEFM) App
Lisa Merritt & Xueping Li A Pilot Study for the eVisit Simulation App
Jillian McCarthy Maeder & Michael Berry Vocabulary Coordinator (VocaCoord): A Speech to Text Solution to Accessing Academic Vocabulary
Patti  Johnstone, Kelly Yeager, Emily Noss & Molly Erickson Pediatric Auditory Recognition Test (PART)
Michio Kurosu In Vivo Evaluation of a Novel DPAGT1 Inhibitor, APPB, Using Patient-Derived Xenograft Models
Frank Park Cannabinoids and Kidney Injury
Jonathan Spagnoli, Jarrod Young, & Tim Jancelewicz An Ultrasoundable Extracorporeal Life Support Training Solution for Team Practices
Ryan Meacham, Jake Morris, Joseph Abou-Rahma, & Jake Spurlock Life Pen
2019 Adebowale Adebiyi & Soni Hiteshkumar Methods of Detecting and Reducing Acute Kidney Injury in Infants
Michio Kurosu In Vivo Studies of a Novel DPAGT1 Inhibitor, APPB for Treatment of Pancreatic Cancers
Monica Jablonski & Mohamed Moustafa Pregabalin Microemulsion Glaucoma Therapy: Stability Studies
Tayebeh Pourmotabbed & Anton Reiner Determination of the Dosing Regimen and Duration Benefit of DNZ6 DNAzyme Treatment in R6/2 Mice
Kaitlin Oliver-Butler & Caleb Rucker The EndoTheia System: Endoscopic Surgical Tools with Notched-Tube Continuum Robots
Oudessa Kerro Dego Staphylococcal Surface Proteins as Vaccine Antigens to Control Mastitis in Dairy Cows
Tarek Hewezi Experimental Validation of Novel Soybean Cyst Nematode Resistance Genes
2018  Monica Jablonski & Mohamed Moustafa Extended Release Formulation of a New Glaucoma Therapy
Hao Chen YoRodents: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Analyze Rodent Social Behavior
L. Darryl Quarels & Zhousheng Xiao Novel FGF-23 Inhibitors to Treat Disorders of FGF-23 Excess
Mark Lister & Robert LeMaster Supplemental Tube Feeder
Ky Pohler, Jayne Wu, & Shigetoshi Eda Development of On-Site Diagnostic Devices for Early Pregnancy Detection in Cattle Using Micro RNA
Emily Martin & Jonathan Wall Amyloid Risk Assessment to Determine Patient Management
Theresa Abrams Burn Victim Application
Stephen Kania,  David A. Bemis, & Linda A. Frank Clinical Trial of Virulence Factor Vaccine for Staphylococcus pseudintermedius Canine Pyoderma
2017 Mojdeh Dehghan An easy, practical, and immediate saliva neutralization and remineralization treatment for tooth erosion
Denis DiAngelo Dynamic ankle orthosis for alleviating pain and preserving motion
Tayebeh Pourmotabbed Advancement of a novel DNAzyme therapy for Huntington’s Disease
Maddie Singer Strapless CPAP device for sleep apnea
Daniel Costinett Development of wireless power transfer coil for charging consumer electronics
Scott Lenaghan Development of a library of potential enhancer elements for precise gene regulation
Baoshan Huang & Xiaofei (Philip) Ye Higher-value added and innovative use of biofuel production waste as bio-modifier for asphalt binder
2016 Hassan Almoazen, Phase I clinical trial of topical delivery of iodide to nutrient-deficient patients
Vanessa Morales-Tirado Development of a retinal ganglion cell line for experimental vision research
Guy Reed Antidote to reverse TPA-induced bleeding complications
Robert Rooney Biorepository laboratory information management system
Xueping Li Development of a technology that allows for interactive debriefing between observers and participants working with high fidelity digitally enabled manikins
Alexander B. Papandrew Development of an innovative method which yields commercially viable fuel cells with significantly lower precious metal content
Tim Sparer Development of a novel anti-cytomegalovirus (CMV) drugs with decreased toxicity that can be administered during at-risk pregnancies or in immune-suppressed patients
Xiaofei (Philip) Ye Creation of a novel method to produce acrylic acid from crude glycerol production of technical grade acrylic acid. Acrylic acid is an important chemical precursor for the production of coatings, paints, adhesives, and polymers
2015 Monica Jablonski

A nanoparticle drug delivery system that provides safe, long-term treatment for age-related macular degeneration

Wei Li Pre-clinical testing of a novel family of anti-cancer compounds
Lawrence Reiter Additional clinical testing of a blood test to identify infants and children at high risk for specific forms of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Ryan Yates Pre-clinical testing of a novel lead compound to treat neovascular disease of the retina
Chen Feng Testing a novel insecticidal gene to combat the development of insect resistance
Tarek Hewezi Testing novel genes to produce soy bean varieties that are resistant to soybean cyst nematodes
Steven Skutnik Portable radiation technology used in detection and determination of radiation sources in real time
2014  Monica Jablonski Pharmacokinetics and bio distribution of a novel treatment for age-related macular degeneration
Rajesh Dudani Technology to continuously monitor the endotracheal tube tip (ETT) position in the newborn patients
Gabor Tigyi Preclinical proof of concept study using an autotaxin inhibitor to inhibit liver fibrosis and carcinogenesis
Karen Hasty Diagnosis of cartilage injury and early osteoarthritis
Steve Ripp Bioluminescent zebrafish as a tool for high-throughput drug screening
(Ben) Xue Ziling Novel chemical sensor with high sensitivity toward biodiesel contaminant in jet fuel and diesel
Neal Stewart Short and strong inducible synthetic promoters
Feng Chen Novel terpinoids for use in bio-pesticide and bio-nematacides
2013 Renukadevi Patil Novel compounds to treat cancer
Monica Jablonski Nanoparticles to provide extended release drug delivery in the eye for the treatment of glaucoma
Yu Liu & Randall Nelson Clinical trial support for a portable hand rehabilitation device
Tayebeh Pourmotabbed Novel DNAzyme as a new therapy to treat cancer
Jun Lin Natural feed products to enhance the productivity and sustainability of food animals without the use of antibiotic growth promoters
Karen Tobias Novel mechanical device to quickly secure bandages, dressings, or pressure wraps over large wounds
Bonnie Ownley Nicole Labbé, Kimberly Gwinn, Doris D’Souza, & Naima Moustaid-Moussa Higher-value added products created from biofuel production waste
Darren Baker  A rapid method to fabricate commercial-quality carbon nanofibers from biomass
2012 Michio Kurosu & Joy Debnath  Novel pharmaceuticals to treat drug resistant Gram-positive bacteria, including Mycobacteria tuberculosis, Staphylococcus aureus, and Enterococcus faecalis
Monica Jablonski, Mallika Palamoor, & Huiling Li Nanoparticles to provide sustained-release drug delivery in the eye
Hasaan Almoazen, Catherine Crill, Gretchen Potts, & Richard Helms A transdermal patch to replace parenteral delivery of micronutrients;
Denis Diangelo A dynamic brace to treat lower-back pain without restricting movement.
Jayne Wu & Shigetoshi Eda A portable diagnostic that provides rapid on-site detection of infectious diseases and physiological conditions
William Hofmeister, Lino Costa, & Alexander Terekhov Novel electrodes for high-energy density super-capacitors
Mingjun Zhang, Scott Lenaghan, & Neal Stewart Identification of Molecular Composition of English Ivy Nanoparticles: Paving the Way for Commercialized Use of Ivy Nanoparticles in Cosmetics
2011 Raul Almeida, Doug Luther, & Maria Prado Identification of Streptococcus uberis Adhesion Molecule and its Gene sua in Pathogenic Streptococci of Human Origin
Muthu Balasubramaniam, Blake Joyce, & Neal Stewart Development of Arsenic Pytosensing Ferns Using Flourescent Proteins
Zong-Ming (Max) Cheng Demonstration of Broad-Stress Inducible Promoter PPtXTH22, and a Broad-Stress Tolerance Gene PtXTH22 in Major Agronomic Crop, Soybean
Mohammed ElAbiad, Keith English, Ajay Talati, Jie Zhang, & Jacques Samson A Marker for Fetal Lung Maturity
Monica Jablonski A Novel Drug and Nanoparticle Delivery System for the Treatment of Age-related Macular Degeneration: Toxicity and Pharmacokinetics Studies
Wei Li, Jianjun Chen, Duane Miller, Arnold Postlethwaite, & Andrzej Slominski Preclinical Studies of New Vitamin D Analogs as Potential Agents for Arthritis
Lawrence Pfeffer & Charles Handorf An Interferon Gene Signature to Predict Therapeutic Clinical Response
Gary Sayler, Steven Ripp, & Dan Close Increasing Light Output Kinetics of a Bioluminescent Mammalian Cell Line for Improved Application Towards Advanced Bioluminescent Imaging Technologies
Jayne Wu & Shigetoshi Eda Development of On-Site Diagnostic Devices for Mycobacterial Infections Based on Lab-on-a-Chip Technology
2010 Greg Armel & Dean Kopsell Methods of Improving Nutritional Value of Plants
Michael Berry Enhancement of FAUN (Feature Annotation Using NMF) for Commercial Use
John Buolamwini Optimization of novel anti-cancer compounds with activity against multiple types of cancers
Lannett Edwards, Louisa Rispoli, & F. Neal Schrick A Targeted Approach to Alter Sex Ratio in Mammals
Shane Foister Development of Methane-to-Methanol Catalysts Supported on Mesoporous Silica
David Icove A remote method to measure animal metabolism
Michael Levin & Sangmin Lee A serum biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease
Cathy Scott, Graham Hickling, &  Shigetoshi Eda Development and Commericalization of a Novel Diagnostic Test for Lyme Disease Infections in Humans and Animals
Jenna Steinle Eyedrop to Prevent Diabetic Retinopathy
Emma Tillman, Richard Helms, & Michael Storm A new treatment for parenteral nutrition associated liver disease
Ying-Ling (Ann)Chen, Lei Shi,  & JWL Lewis Clinical trial of a low-cost, high-quality and user-friendly, vision assessment tool for children and young adults
Feng Chen & Greg Armel Protecting Plants from Herbicide Damage
Frederico Harte Prototype for the Determination Seed Hydration-Swelling Behavior
Daniel Kestler & Alan Solomon Prognostic Biomarkers for Human Breast and Lung Cancers
Julian Hurdle, Richard Lee, & Yunzhi Yang Preventing Biofilms from Forming on Medical Devices
Wei Li, Shao Wang, Yan Lu, Jianjun Chen, & Duane Miller Novel Thiazole Analogs Against Human Melanoma Tumors in Xenograph Models
Len Lothstein, & Trevor Sweatman Therapy for Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Judith Soberman, Polly Hofmann, & Guy Reed Reducing Tissue Damage Associated with Heart Attacks
2008 David Baker (1) Scale-up and Delivery of DCB-3503, a Potent Antitumor Agent and (2) Synthesis of a Tethered Analogue
John Biggerstaff In Vivo Testing of Potential Therapeutic Soluble Fibrin Peptides in Cancer Metastasis
Antonin Bukovsky &  Michael Caudal Oocytes Derived from Ovarian Culture Initially Containing No Oocytes
Ed Chaum A Novel Mircofabricated Instrument to Remove Eyiretinal Membrances from the Retina
Shigetoshi Eda, Cathy Scott, & Steve Oliver Development and Commericalization of a Novel Diagnostic Test for Staphylococcus aureus Infections in Humans and Animals
Julian Hurdle & Richard Lee Investigation of Tetramic Acids as Topical Antimicrobial Agents
Juan Jurat-Fuentes Cadherin-receptor peptide for Inhibiting Coleopterans
Dhukee Betty Lew Allergic Asthma Model
Linda Myers, Arnold Postlethwaite, & Andrew Kang Altered Peptide Ligands to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis
Steve Oliver Continued Development of SUAM as a Vaccine for the Prevention and Control of Streptococcus uberis Mastitis in Dairy Cows
Yunzhi Yang Tricalcium Phosphate as an Osteoconductive Material to Preserve Subchondral Plate for Osteochondral Repair