Materials Available for License

Requirements for Licensing Materials

By licensing materials from the Surrogate Nuclear Material & Production Program, you are indicating your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth by the UT Research Foundation.
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Post-Detonation Materials

Trinitite Melt Glass Replica (PD 14111)

Trinitite Melt Glass Replica
A material replicating the melt glass produced on the surface of the ground following the first nuclear weapons test with code name Trinity.

Price shown is per gram.

STUFF (PD 15012)

Surrogate nuclear melt glass materials that replicate debris that might be formed after a surface nuclear detonation in a major city.

Price shown is per gram.


Coming Soon

NUGETS (PD 16140)
MUD (PD 17055)

Pre-Detonation Materials

Coming Soon

Surrogate Nuclear Material Alloys (PD 17079)