There is a need for a 3D printed protective face shield for doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals in the front lines. Currently, this is urgently needed for those responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The novel face shield design features an ergonomic, comfortable head temple that doesn’t require an elastic band, which decreases the chance of contamination while reducing pressure on the user’s head. The top visor is integrated and is not an add-on part. A clear visor in the standard US letter size can be fitted to attach with a 3-hole punch and only takes 5 seconds to assemble. The visor has a curved profile wrapping around the face for maximum protection.

*Please read the Terms & Conditions before proceeding to license the technology.


  • Headband is optimized to minimize material use and weighs only 1 ounce, significantly reducing  manufacturing time.
  • Does not need to be held on with a rubber band, thereby reducing parts that can get contaminated.
  • Headrest follows forehead profile curvature for long comfortable periods of use.
  • Keeps the curvature of the clear visor around the face, reducing exposure to contaminants along the sides of the face.
  • Visor spaced to provide maximum clearance for glasses or other wearable medical equipment.
  • Provides cover to prevent contaminants from entering from above.
  • Ergonomic temple tips for comfortable sliding that don’t catch on hair or loose objects.