The X207LS airfoil is a new slotted, natural-laminar-flow (SNLF) airfoil that replicates aerodynamic features of a transonic SNLF airfoil in a low-speed environment. This airfoil is defined by a set of coordinates that provide a basis for manufacturing the wing shape, the primary objective of the design being to reproduce transonic pressure gradients in a low-Mach number environment. The design process used a single-element airfoil as the basis of the two-element configuration, and a conformal mapping strategy was employed to devise a shape that reproduced key transonic behaviors in near-incompressible conditions. Analysis of the X207LS showed that it exhibits a low-drag regime over a wide range of lift coefficients, which corresponds to the fore element being fully laminar, as well as matching pressure gradients on both the upper and lower surfaces of the fore element.

The document containing the X207LS airfoil coordinates can be downloaded directly following acceptance of the license agreement.