Working with UTRF:  From our offices in Knoxville and Memphis, the UT Research Foundation (UTRF) serves as a bridge between researchers and industry, entrepreneurs, and investors. The commercialization process starts with innovators working in labs, clinics, greenhouses, offices, and classrooms throughout the University of Tennessee. UTRF then facilitates the transfer of inventions to the private sector, providing to the public the benefit of new products which are the result of academic-research funding. This creates new jobs and new companies that boost the economy while also producing income for the inventors and the university.

Technology Transfer Process

Our UTRF licensing staff can walk you through the Technology Transfer process and answer your questions.


Inventions may be transformed into a number of successful enterprises. UTRF has programs in place to assist with start ups.

Invention Disclosure Form

Start here by submitting an invention disclosure form. Additional forms include the material transfer agreements.

UTRF Grant Programs

Learn about UTRF’s programs to directly support the research and development of promising inventions.

Recorded Resources

Informational resources, including presentations and videos by UTRF and UTRF sponsored speakers.

Patenting & Public Disclosure

Learn about the United States patent system and the effect of public disclosure on patenting.

UTRF Revenue Sharing

UTRF has a generous revenue sharing policy.

UT & UTRF Policies

A useful compilation of UT policies, including the Intellectual Property policy.