Turning a new discovery into a commercial product is an exciting (and challenging!) journey, especially for researchers working in the life sciences. Whether you are a new inventor or a technology transfer veteran, listed below you will find information to help you understand how our office works with researchers at the UTHSC, and what UTRF will do to help bring your idea to market.

Richard Magid
Vice President, Office of Technology Transfer, UTHSC

Richard Magid


Creating 'Bubble Wrap' for Embryos

UTRF's early focus was agricultural invention and research, with a shift in more recent years to biological and chemical sciences. UT professor Neal Schrick is bringing the UTRF full circle. He has combined a focus in agriculture with a focus in reproduction and physiology to develop Embryo Armor, a product that addresses animal fertility. Read More >

Eye on the Future

What happens when University of Tennessee Health Science Center physicians collaborate with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) scientists? The genesis of TRIAD, a novel, computerized assessment of eye disease, is just one example. Read More >

Drug Developed to Help Cancer Patients

Nona Miller was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2010. She underwent radia-tion and chemotherapy and was doing well, but the treatment started to take a toll on her body. Read More >

It's Not Magic, but Could Assist Healthy Changes

There are weight loss drugs, diet plans and dietary supplements crowding the market these days. "Lose two dress sizes in two weeks!" "Call today and pay only three installments of $19.95 plus shipping and handling." "Order online for pre-cooked, perfectly portioned meals and watch the pounds melt away!" Read More >